Access windows filesystem in ubuntu virtualbox

This article will describe how to access a windows drive in ubuntu operating system installed in virtual box machine.

Shut down the virtual machine.

From the virtual Machine Menu,Go to Machine->settings->Shared Folders.

Click on Machine Folders -> Blue Folder Icon with Plus Sign on the right (Add Folder Icon)

Click on folder path -> Choose Other

Navigate to the Windows Drive,You can select the complete drive or further navigate to a folder on Windows drive

In case you choose the drive,folder name will be the label of the windows drive.

Check the auto mount checkbox

Leave mount point blank

Check the make permanent checkbox.

Click on the OK button

Now you will have to add the user to the shared folders group

Start the virtual machine and login with your username

Open Ubuntu Terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T)

At the command prompt type the following command

sudo adduser USERNAME vboxsf

where USERNAME is replaced by your username

Restart Ubuntu

You will now see the shared folder with prefix sf_ in media

and also in the left margin of your my documents folder

You will be able to see the shared folder in order to save any files or dicuments

That is all.

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