Dns Settings For Domain Name at Domain Registrar

Dns settings for a newly created domain name enable the domain name to be resolved to the IP address of the web host.It may be noted that the website files are actually hosted at the web host and the domain is registered with the domain registrar.In some cases you would have registered the domain name with your web host,if that is the case then you do not have to make any dns settings as the web host would have already done it for you.in case the web host and the domain registrar are different,you will need to make dns settings at domain registrar to resolve the domain name to the IP address that your web host has given you.

Here is how to do that.

Method 1 – Setting the nameservers

When you purchase a hosting account from a web host,he will give you two name servers to use,something like


You will need to login to your domain control panel at your domain registrar and open the DNS settings for the domain name

There you will need to set the name servers to those given by your web host.That is all what is required.

Please note that it may take upto 48 hours for the name servers to propagate over the internet and your website to be available using your domain name.

Method 2 – Creating DNS records

You will need to create A records for your web host.When you purchase the hosting the web host will allocate an IP address to you.It may be a shared or a dedicated IP address.This IP address is the actual IP address of the server where your website files will actually be stored.

You will need to Login to your domain registrar’s domain control panel and go to DNS settings and create A records as under

Record Type Host Value
A www.yourdomain.com xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (the ip address of your web hosting)
A yourdomain.com xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (the ip address of your web hosting)
A *.yourdomain.com xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (the ip address of your web hosting)

That is all what will be required.

That is all.

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