Windows 10 classic start menu enable

How to enable classic style desktop in windows 10 with classic or windows 7 style start menu ? Well if that is your question then this article will describe exactly how you can do that.

This may be required if you have recently migrated to Windows 10 and may find the Windows Menu styles different than your previous version of windows.You may like to continue with the old classic start menu or have a menu configured with the windows 7 style.

Windows 7 classic desktop with the classic view can be enabled in Windows 10 easily with a program called as Classic Shell

First you will need to download the program via this link (Opens in new Window) Classic Shell

Click on the download button on the page and then on the next page that opens up,choose the program for your language.Classic shell supports multiple languages and you will be able to enable Windows 10 classic start menu in your language.

After installing the program on windows 10, search for Classic start menu settings It will direct you to configure the required settings.You will be able to choose between 03 styles , Windows 7 start menu Windows classic start menu and Windows classic start menu with two columns, and also customize many more settings.

Here is a screen shot of the program

Well that is all.

Hope you will be able to enable the classic start menu in Windows 10.

That is all.

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